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Christ Free Republicans

godless republic
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This community was created as a place for Republicans with no religious stance or preference. This community isn't based on the fact that we do or do not believe in God, but rather it's a place to speak about current issues without a religious slant. Seeing as many Republicans are Christian there is sometimes the mind set that "The bible is against so and so therefore there should be a law opposing it", for those of us without a religion & who don't want to debate it since it's an entirely different subject, it could be difficult to explain our beliefs on the subject.

-Although this is a community more towards people of the Athiest/Agnostic persuasion, people of all religions are welcome join as long as they don't plan to flame the community.
-Troll, and you're immediately banned.
-Political cartoons and images are permitted, but if you're going to post more than two please be courteous & hide them behind a livejournal cut. If you are unaware of a cut tag is, please look in the Livejournal FAQ.
-No blatant bashing of the Christian religion.
-No democrats or liberals allowed, although if some do happen to wander in here feel free to flame them.
-Debates are encouraged, childish insults & immature bullshit is not.
-Introduction posts are allowed but please keep the length of them to a minimium.
-No quiz results!


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