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i just joined this community and it's the first one i've ever joined (and i've had this journal for years). i'm glad there are communities such as this where i can actually discuss my view without being ridiculed. i hate liberals... especially in the media. the past few weeks leading up to the election i was bombarded with pre-recorded calls from celebrities that think i'm too stupid to decide for myself who i want running the country. hollywood pushing its agenda and then bullshit talentless hacks like greenday telling you you're a redneck for having some sense of values and morality. i also hate organizations like the naacp, i consider that to be a black kkk. it's an organization built from to ground up for the advancement of one race. they stick up for criminals, playing the race card. i'm sorry but i don't care what color you are, if you kill a little kid and blame it on slavery than you should be drug out into the street and shot. i also hate the afirmative action program, it takes away equality. because now you don't get a job or a scolarship because you work hard or because you deserve it.. you could be underqualified and still get the job because of your skin color.. sounds equal to me. but anywhere else pointing this out makes me a racist right? society needs to get over this notion that these minorities need a handout. if they want to be equal, make them equal and stop with the freebies. i'm pro-life, but in a way that's almost backwards.. i am pro-life because i don't believe in god. the way i see it is you live and then you die and that's it. killing unborn babies robs them of their only chance to be, they don't go to heaven, they just cease to exist, and i don't think that's fair.. and i also don't see how that's any different from killing a baby that's already been born.

i'm sorry for carrying on so much... i could probably go on for hours, but it's 3:20 in the am and i should probably be getting some shut eye.

guess i just needed to do some venting. but i guess that's what livejournal is for. ok, i'm done.
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