The Andrew & Christy Show (andrew_christy) wrote in godlessconserve,
The Andrew & Christy Show


How do you feel about Jewish people? I've always been under the impression that you didn't like 'em because they don't believe in Christ (among other reasons) but I wanna hear what you think rather than what Jews or Democrats think you think.

Some quick backround on me - I was a registered Democrat for 16 years up until this November 3rd. I unregistered because I'm disgusted with the Democrats and John Kerry for running a subpar, at best, campaign and am looking to find out more about Republicans from Republicans rather than from Democrats. I'm also Jewish but in name only. I have (and have had for many years) numerous issues both with Judaism and Jewish people in general.

I'm NOT a troll and I'm not looking to start trouble. I honestly want to know more about Republicans.
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