M (sillybridget) wrote in godlessconserve,

Two Issues

Hello all, I am Christian but I joind because I'm interested in the "godless" view on abortion and gay marriage. I am often accused of not thinking for myself etc. because I adhere to a religion, and that I have no basis for my positions on these two issues. I'd like to hear from anyone who is against gay marriage or who is pro life concerning abortion, and how you "back up" your positions when attacked. I hope to gain some insight into why those who aren't Christian would take those positions.

Also, www.rightgrrl.com does look at the abortion issue from a non religious POV, if anyone's interested in that.

Thirdly, and this is a tiny thing, really -- the comm says "Christ-free", but "god" can mean a lot of deities and this is more religion-less than Christ-free, no? Just trying to make a distinction because there are tons of religions out there, not just Christianity.

:) Thanks for all responses and insights!
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