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semi-intro post

I absolutely NEVER make intro posts. however, i feel this is a bit different than that. bear with me and you may see what i mean.

I'm a libertarian, registered that way anyways. I am a libertarian for one main reason. I do not like the religious aspect of the republican party. I dont think God should have any impact on policy at all. drug use, prostitution, and any other victemless crimes should not be crimes at all, but explorations into ones own interests. However, when a crack head robs someone for money, they need to go to jail. When a prostitute knowingly transmits STDs, sure legal repricussion should be sought (please forgive the disgusting simplicity of this post, i just woke up).
I am neither pro-choice or pro-life (im a guy, aside from morality, i have no business defedning the issue), however, i do not think that MY views necesarily should influence anyone elses. I dont think that the policy makers of this country should feel any differently. If anything, it should be handled as it currently is, on a state to state basis.
I hate liberals. I cant stand the socialist attitude of just about everyone in America these days. This country was founded for people to be free to get ahead on their own merits. If you want to work hard to pay for other peoples shortcommings, move to Canada. Build a time machine and go back to Soviet Russia. Dont spit your Marxist rhetoric about helping the less fortunate at me, because honestly, i dont care.
I was browsing this community and found that a lot of people here hold the same political and social views as i do. (especially Cthulhu, ive never once heard anyone else who holds my view on unborn children.) I find more in common with many of you than with traditonal republicans, or even my own libertarians. (lets be honest, a lot of us are whackos)

As i said, this was slightly more than an introduction post. it was to some extent, my way of saying "hey, i think jsut like you guys! but dont be hard on me for being a libertarian"
so, i have joined this community looking for some good talks on the Socialization of America andhow it needs to stop. Im sick of working my ass off so people can sit at home and collect a check for popping out babies. Im all for charity, just not when its forcibly taken from me. let ME decide who i should help.
anyways, if im not welcome here, let me know, ill glady leave. however, i hope thats not the case.

take care.
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